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The underlying economic conditions in our times are marked by ever growing uncertainties. Indeed, a number of countries are even threatened by insolvency.

Considerable changes in the economic and political landscape at the global, European and German levels make it virtually impossible to draw up reliable forecasts anymore. Bank and national crises, environmental pollution, climatic and natural disasters are likewise contributory factors towards this atmosphere of uncertainty.

There do not appear to be any attractive and secure investment options with banks anymore. Yet there is a solution which in many respects makes sense and is ethical and profitable, namely the linking of solutions to problems (environmental pollution, raw materials and energy requirements) on the one hand and the financing thereof on the other.

It is in this environment that EMG ECOCYLING is offering a relatively secure and lucrative alternative in the form of an interest return with securities customary of banks.

The business model

The activities of EMG Ecocyling are focussed on what are known as Ecocycling and "Zero Waste" concepts, in other words on recycling strategies based on the complete return of waste to the materials cycle. New raw material sources can thus be developed and energy saved on a large scale (materials already produced with a lot of energy need not be produced again), the upshot being that an enormous contribution can be made to the energy transition. This contribution is not really evident, even though it is generally known that the saving of energy is one of the most important factors in terms of the turnaround in energy policy.

As a result waste becomes an asset, generating profit for you environmentally compatible!

The ecocycling plants to be invested in are and will be developed and operated by market leaders.

These projects are therefore far more efficient and reliable than fields of investment oriented purely to monetary value, and will generate sustainably reasonable yields – as demonstrated day by day where existing plants are concerned – which are currency-independent and stable in an inflationary environment.

EMG Ecocycling receives a long-term, contractually secured share of profits from the plant operator and bears no operator’s risk. The operator is responsible for the plant’s operation, upkeep, servicing and reliability of operation. It goes without saying that all material risks are also insured against where regarded as necessary or making economic sense (e.g. business interruption insurance, commercial credit insurance, environmental insurance, etc.).

The rapidly expanding raw materials market and, in particular, the demand for ecocycling processes are opening up excellent business prospects for EMG Ecocyling – perspectives for which there are no identifiable limitations of any note at the current time.

The offer

You give EMG Ecocyling a loan of EUR 3,000.- upwards and can choose between terms of 5, 7 or 10 years. All you then have to do is determine whether you wish to have the loan repaid on a half-yearly basis or as a lump sum on maturity. Since a 10-year term with the latter repayment option is particularly attractive from our point of view, we reward your choice thereof with a further bonus on the loan amount and pay it out at the end of the loan term.

Thus you are acting along the same lines as an “environmental” or “raw materials bank” which finances viable ecocycling projects – and in doing so you are also getting the corresponding collateral and returns.

Improve our environment and be rewarded for doing so.

Application of funds

The loans will be used for ecocycling projects aimed at achieving a “zero-waste” situation, in other words complete waste prevention and/or the production of alternative energies. This means you can make a decisive contribution towards a better environment and a sustainable and environmentally friendly energy supply.

The loans will be exclusively invested in ecocycling plants, possibly in real estate and in project companies for the operation of such facilities. Your money will be bundled with that of the other lenders and invested in a sustainable, environmentally friendly manner. 
You personally will thus be enabling a long-term and sustainable “green” course of action which is independent of large conglomerates. The relatively short amortization periods for the investments enable acceptable profits for the project companies and a high degree of security as regards your loan.

Existing facilities might be sold to interested companies at a later point in time for the purposes of realizing profits ahead of schedule. This serves the securing of the concept, too. The profits from such sales will be used primarily for payments to the lenders and for further projects in the sphere of ecocycling.

Security of your loan

The entire ecocycling plant is assigned to EMG Ecocycling as collateral for the purposes of safeguarding your loan. The fact that established plant technology is involved means that this can be expected to be well marketable in a crisis situation. Raw materials, outstanding debt and, where necessary, properties will be made use of as collateral.

Decide in favour of a waste-free future with a sustainable, environmentally friendly energy supply. For your quality of life and the generations to come!

EMG ecocycling


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